The Tools of Skin Care


Daily habits are what makes or breaks a great skin care routine, and skin care tools can just make the skin care routine more enhanced for positive, cumulative effects: radiant, youthful-looking skin. Environ’s motto includes “cleanse, tone, moisturize, and protect.” Many people, however, have specific concerns for their skin like aging, pigmentation, or uneven skin tone.

For these concerns and more, there are certainly things (tools!) that can greatly enhance the efficacy of the work they’re already putting into their skin routines.

Enhancing your products 

Effective topical skin care is a critical part of the skin care routine. Topical products assist to deliver the powerful solutions directly to the skin’s surface and are absorbed beneath the skin. However, because of the skin’s effective barrier, protecting us from outside bacteria and other pollutants, topical products may only penetrate as much as 2.0%. That sounds like a problem, doesn’t it?

How does micro-rolling work?

Established as far back as 1905 according to some records, microneedling really took off in popularity since the mid-90s. And like many 90s trends that have come background in style, we don’t see microneedling going away anytime soon. What microneedling effectively allows skin products to do is penetrate deeper into the skin, about 80% more than without this small, useful skin care tool. Because of the microneedling tool’s high efficacy paired with the topical skin care solutions like Environ’s SkinEssentiA serums and moisturizers, it is usually recommended for use at nighttime, not sure sun-exposure hours. 


There are even  rollers or “punch” microneedle tools perfect for gifting or traveling.

Be aware, not all at-home cosmetic needling rollers are made the same. Envrion’s rollers are made with the highest, safe standards put in place so that the needles create micro channels effectively and safely in the stratum corneum of the skin’s surface. Just remember the at-home rolling devices purpose is to aid in the absorption of active ingredients. 

For more enhanced, deeper-level results, the cosmetic needling treatment, performed in-office, is a completely different device and achieves collagen production. Contact our office for a consultation for cosmetic needling.

The Electro-Sonic DF Mobile is Here

Long-awaited, the electro-sonic DF mobile is the ultimate in skin technology. Using low frequency sonophoresis (sound waves) and pulse iontophoresis (electric currents) this device assists to deliver essential nutrients to the skin where it needs them most. This mobile technology is easy to use and the perfect balance to supplement professional treatments, since it is made specifically for use at home. Affordable, convenient, and effective, it is rightfully the latest craze in the world of skin care tools. 

Ask our team about how to purchase one from our office for at-home use.

Dermaplaning: skincare’s latest trend?

Dermaplaning, or the use of a surgical scalpel to remove skin cells from the skin surface, has become very popular lately, but is it just a trend? The truth is, we think dermaplaning is a highly effective treatment for a very limited portion of the population. Unfortunately dermaplaning has a “low entry” training requirement. This means many practices take a 1-day course and start dermaplaning on every client as a revenue generator.

For most individuals the addition of Vitamin A into at home skincare reduces fine facial hair overtime making the skin smooth without the over exfoliation and irritation associated with dermaplaning. 

LED Light Technology

One of our most popular services, the express LED facial uses special wavelengths of red and blue light to create a regenerating effect on the skin, making improvements towards a wide variety of concerns. Initially developed by NASA for plant growth experiments on shuttle missions, this therapy eventually showed promise in the 1990s when the U.S. Navy Seals utilized it for quick wound healing. Soon, LED light therapy subsequently found itself into the modern skin care salon. From aging, inflammation or acne, this treatment is an easy, powerful and safe way to use light to your benefit. LED light therapy does not cause burns and is less abrasive than other more intensive treatments like chemical peels or a laser therapy treatment. It is always best to consult a skin care expert for a consultation. Age spots, acne, and the appearance of winkles are common concerns treated with an express LED facial.

Extractions- Acne’s Biggest Nightmare

Our other most popular service is the Blemish-prone cool peel service where extractions may be a part of the treatment service if deemed appropriate. The extraction tool has long been used by skin care experts, and while it doesn’t get the same recognition as some other skin care tools, this tried and true tool helps us remove bacteria and annoying blemishes easily and safely. Used after a 5-step cleansing service and a cool peel, depending on consultation results for your skin type, extraction is nothing to be feared.

Fear Not

Embracing skin care tools is an essential part of modern skin care. For our most holistic skin care aficionados, it’s clear the benefits skin care tools can have for many common skin care concerns including acne, aging, wrinkles, fine lines, skin tone, inflammation and more. 

For more blogs from Corrective Skin Care, NV, stay tuned!

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