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Essential Facial Service 

Duration - 60 minutes 

Welcome the refreshing and relaxing ritual that is designed for all skin types. This essential facial service at Corrective Skincare will provide you a perfect skin by fighting off all the skin problems. The simple yet effective formulae of the products we use during our essential facial will bring back healthy glowing skin while cleansing it thoroughly. So, whether you need to fight skin dullness, dead skin, or restore the lost radiance of your skin, you must try our essential facial service. 

The steps we follow during this essential facial service 

Firstly we cleanse your skin thoroughly with a nourishing cleanser followed by the exfoliation option. You can choose from the plant-based enzyme, chemical peel or microdermabrasion process for skin exfoliation. After this, we start treating the skin concern you came in for be it acne, age management treatment or dryness by applying the required masque. After applying the masque we then follow it with the application of a custom-blended serum that is full of active ingredients to provide hydration & sun protection.

So, wait no longer & restore your healthy skin. 

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