Environ Cool Peel Treatment For Healthy Skin!


An Invasive Technique to Healthy Skin

Environ’s unique Cool Peel Treatment is a non-invasive, intelligent skin peel system developed by Dr. Des Fernandes, to safely and effectively help refine, revive and brighten the appearance of the skin.

One of several therapies will be selected based on the clients’ current skin conditions and treatment goals.

Youth Renewal Treatment

Youth Renewal focuses on reducing the appearance of premature ageing, leaving the skin looking vibrantly youthful and refreshed.

Moisture Boost Treatment

Moisture Boost is a suitable year-round peel that focuses on revitalizing the look of dry, tired skin, revealing a healthy-looking glow.


Deep Cleansing

Deep Cleansing is Environ’s interpretation of the classic deep cleanses facial. Recommended for congested, break-out prone.

Bright Recovery

Bright Recovery is a gentle lactic acid peel that focuses on uneven skin tone as a result of excessive sun exposure.

Blemish Control is a more powerful Cool Peel therapy for the management of the appearance of blemish prone skin. The hero treatment for the effects of problematic skin conditions

Each treatment begins with the signature Environ Cleanse, which is a pre-cleansing oil massage layered with a micro-exfoliator, and removed with a cleansing gel. After an application of skin toner, application of one of the Signature Environ Cool Peel therapies is applied. The peel treatment is followed by a 30 minute LED light treatment. Next is the application of selected serums and an alginate masque. During the masque a relaxing arm and hand massage with active ingredient massage oil. The treatment concludes with essential moisturizer and sun protection.

Clients must be using Environ skincare for two weeks prior to a Cool Peel treatment. This requirement ensures the skin is properly conditioned and ensures maximum results.



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