Delux Facial Services


A refreshing and relaxing ritual of renewal for all skin types.

Duration - 90min

We at Corrective Skincare provide high definition Delux facial service for everyone who is suffering from problems like dull and dead skin. This refreshing Delux facial service can help bring back life to your skin by removing dullness, waking up your cell metabolism, removing dead skin, and restoring skin radiance.

The Process we follow in our Delux facial service 

A nourishing double cleanse is followed by one of the following exfoliation options, plant-based enzyme, chemical peel, or microdermabrasion. After exfoliation, we carry forward with either Acne or Age Management treatment by applying a skin condition-specific mask. Following the application of the mask, LED LIght treatment for cellular level healing and collagen production is done. After completion of the LED light treatment, we apply a  custom-blended serum containing active ingredients on your skin. In the end, we will apply a product providing hydration and sun protection.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Hurry! Get Back your glowing skin with our Delux Facial Service.

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