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An environ user knows all the tricks to keep their skin looking radiant, smooth, and looking youthful year after year. Often times, however, we still find ourselves in a bit of a “rut,” wondering, what am I doing wrong? Why does my skin suddenly feel [insert common skin concern here!]

The fact is, just one of the following skin-care “sins” can spook our skin, causing us to rethink our daily habits. 

Prepare yourself for a spooky little blog on poor-looking skin will jog the memory for common causes of a skin-care rut.

In order to “look older,” do the following…


“It will take WAY too long to break out that cleaning oil and toner. Don’t worry, you stayed up a little later than intended, but you will still look oh-so-glamorous and rested in the morning. Your 12-hour day makeup will surely look OK come morning. Just hop into bed; you won’t regret it…”

Big Fact: Okay. While I admit I don’t want to lose a minute of shut-eye after a long night out, it costs only 5-10 minutes to remove all the pollutants and sweat of the day to feel renewed and ready to hit my clean bed sheets. In reality, the skin’s natural oil-production from the day will continue to sink into your skin, mixed with the daily pollutants, potentially causing you much bigger problems come morning. Best case, dry/rough-looking skin; worst case, a pimple or two. 

Utilize Environ’s powerful yet gentle power-punch duo before heading to bed:

1)) Dual Action Pre-Cleansing Oil

This silky oil pre-cleansing oil will shock you at how 1)effect it is at removing all eye/face makeup and 2)leaving the skin feeling smooth and hydrated, not oily

2)) Botanical Infused Moisturizing Toner

Not the basic toner or alcohol-filled toner of decades past, this luxurious feeling, super-hydrating toner is the perfect way to wipe the skin clean as well as prep it for your night serum/moisturizer combo. 

Your late-night self will thank your responsible skin-care-minded evolved you.


“We can sustain on coffee and diet cokes alone! There is not enough time in the day to drink water. It’s okay if my gut feels like it’s hurting all the time. And I can lather on lotion to feel hydrated. It truly doesn’t matter what I drink, does it?”

Big Fact: As we age, it’s normal and natural for the skin to lose a component called Hyaluronic Acid and fat. This aggravates the appearance of photo damage, i.e. coloration differences and “uneven” looking skin tone. The skin appears dull, dreary and oh so scary. 

Utilizing skin care products with hyaluronic acid can help re-boot the skin back into a state of well being. Antioxidant protection and other ingredients work together with hyalruonic acid to promote youthful-looking skin, no matter what season. 

Hydro-Lipidic 3DSynergé® Filler Crème is a relatively new creation as a part of Environ’s Focus Care Youth+ line. Ask your local skin care salon about a power-punched moisturizing utilizing hyaluronic acid


“Who wants the appearance of smoother, clean-looking skin, anyway? My skin is glowing and radiant as is, thank you very much.”

Big Fact: The skin is our most important organ, and keeping the cells properly hydrated will allow them to operate better and look better. Don’t forget to use the widely beloved Environ moisturizer, based on your step-up level. Ask your local skin care expert to help you decide which step-up system is right for you– SkinEssentiA or YouthEssentiA.


“The only thing I like to concentrate on is my dark under eye circles. No way am I using a serum with my moisturizer. Aren’t these silk pillowcases enough?” 

Big Fact: Serums are an easy and effective way to super-boost the vitamins, peptides and antioxidants for the skin’s benefit. We typically recommend mixing one pump of your serum with your preferred moisturizer every night for full effect.


“I am okay with buying glorified coconut oil. It’s doing something….right?”

Big Fact: Environ products are different and stand out for a reason. Environ products use the most researched ingredients when it comes to skin care. The products aren’t focused on the latest trendy ingredient nor seasonal flavors. Dating back to the original products in the 1990s, Environ’s product philosophy continues to revolve around sun safety (with key sunscreen products) as well as age-management lines full of essential Vitamins A, C, E as well as peptides, antioxidants and growth factors, all well-known to maintain the look of gorgeous, glowing skin. 

Happy October

Halloween is not a scary time at all for the loyal Environ user. The only thing that’s scary is “how good they’ve looked for so many years.” 

Holiday Kits Are Here

Stay safe this October. Stay tuned for the next blog from Corrective Skin Care of Southern Nevada. Also, pre-order your Holiday Kits, now available. 

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Includes an eco-friendly cosmetics bag and comes in a gorgeous gift box.

This makes a great gift for extended family or friends that love skincare.

It’s also nice kit if you want to explore more Environ products without purchasing multiple full size bottles.

I will be gifting this kit to friends & family and grabbing one to use as a travel kit for myself.

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