Dry Skin Concerns: Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and more


This time of year, it is common to feel like the skin is dry and even a little rough-looking. Between the cooler air outside and the heat inside, the skin takes a beating. To maintain a look of balmy skin, it’s important to maintain your daily skincare routine. But what else can we do?

Below, we discuss peptides and other moisture-packed ingredients that are crucial to keeping your skin looking its best, no matter the time of year.

Why Are Peptides So Important In Skincare?

Peptides are what make up the proteins in the skin. Because they’re so fundamental for supporting the skin’s structure, they are important factors for the skin looking great or ghostly. Some proteins that peptides are important for include collagen, elastin and keratin. Peptides are really small and easily absorbed into the skin. That is why they’re effective and popular in topical products. The peptides serve as messengers, telling the skin to increase the benefits of making more collagen and elastin.

The Daily Routine Matters To Fight Dry Skin Issues

Your skin’s daily routine should include a cleanse, tone, moisturize and protect step system. The AVST pre-cleansing oil, botanically infused moisturizing toner and step-up moisturizers are wonderful daily products to maintain hydrating-looking skin. Similarly, for more intensive skincare results, the Vita-Peptide Toner, Peptide-infused Intensive Serums (1-5) and the C-Quence Eye Gels are also stapled products to assist with dry skin.




When a Typical Routine Isn’t Enough: Dry Skin Concerns

Oil on the surface of the skin is a natural barrier to losing moisture. Water is effectively “sealed” into the skin, giving it a hydrated appearance. When the skin is out of balance, this can result in very dry–looking skin that even appears flaky, rough, or prematurely aged. Luckily, the peptide and nutrient-dense Environ products take advantage of what we know about skin science to combat this common concern.

Which Environ Products Can Help with Moisture?

While all Environ products thoughtfully address a variety of skin concerns, there is a line specifically designed for assisting with a targeted moisture goal or to combat dry-looking skin.

The Environ Moisture+ Range contains various combinations of scientifically researched ingredients designed to deliver moisture-boosting benefits to dehydrated and dull-looking skin. Experience the feel of silky-soft, healthier-looking skin, by adding products from this range to your daily Vitamin A step-up system routine.

Vita-Complex Super Moisturizer

When the daily moisturizer just doesn’t feel like enough, this Super Moisturizer is a powerful tool to relieve dry skin. It contains a variety of dynamic moisturizing agents and emollients that assist in enhancing the skin’s barrier function, helping with the “armor” to keep the skin looking hydrated.




Vita-Antioxidant Hydrating Oil Capsules

Mix these retinol and antioxidant-rich oil capsules with your daily Environ moisturizer or use alone. Pamper dry and tired skin all year long with these effective and luxurious oil capsules. This item makes a great gift for significant others or loved ones.





HA Intensive Hydrating Serum and the AHA Night Cream

Roll the surface of your skin for 3-5 minutes using an Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT™, and then apply this serum prior to the Moisturizing Night Cream for an intensive moisture boost. Using hyaluronic acid, a well-known moisture “magnet,” this serum and moisturizer combination will leave the skin looking visibly smoother and plumper with added resilience.

Cooler temperatures do not have to derail the look of great skin for the savvy Environ Skin Care user.

Take Action

The Moisture Boost Essential or Cool Peel Facial

Designed to gently buff the skin’s surface and focus on revitalizing dry, tired-looking skin, this facial will leave your skin glowing. This gentle yet effective peel is suitable to do year-round with no visible peeling. This facial is a great maintenance option and can be done as often as needed, such as monthly or in between deeper treatments.

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Environ’s Hydrating Clay Masque | Dry Skin Treatment

While a clay masque seems like the opposite of Hydrating, Environ’s Hydrating Clay Masque contains nutrient-rich, moisture-boosting ingredients. This can be used weekly or every other week to help with the look of plump, hydrated skin.

Pricing contingent upon availability of limited quantity. Please ask to reserve yours today.

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