4 Targeted Treatments with Before and After Photos

A picture says a thousand words. The before and after photos may surprise you, but professionals using Environ are not shocked by the results, because of the knowledge of the many ingredients Environ products utilize to work with the skin’s natural bio-mechanics. See below for the clinical results showing a...

What Is the Essence of Beauty?

What is beauty? Long hair, shape of the eyes, a certain body shape? Science suggests a number of biological factors contribute to what society recognizes as “beautiful,” but the topic is always up for debate and tends to change slightly with trends from runway fashion or the latest beauty inventions....

5 Sun Safe Skin Care Tips

Today, we are well aware of how to protect the skin from sun damage, unlike in decades past. There are also more options for improving the appearance of skin-tone if you have dark spots that are visible. Rest easy this year, and use this guide for all your pigmentation-based questions...


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